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51st Week of Slovenian Drama

Round table: Creators of Change: Women playwrights during COVID-19 epidemic

Round table (Slovenian center ITI)

The pandemic challenges have influenced the work of artists. The long period in which the world stopped placed obstacles in front of us all. Although the working conditions have changed and generated many questions about that, it doesn’t mean that the creative role of art has disappeared. Many new opportunities, challenges and colourful diversity have emerged.

In an open dialogue we will discuss the new contexts that women artists around the world are creating every day. Has this very reality influenced the role of women in art and society? What are the challenges that women face as the changers and creators of the new order? The guests will share how they are tackling the creative and production process and other limitations. And we will listen to their life stories. 


Simona Hamer (Slovenia)

August Melody Andong, President, Women Playwrights International (Philippines)

Rosemary Johns, Vice-President, Women Playwrights International (Australia)

Ximena Carrera (Chile)

Dessa Quesada-Palm (Philippines)

Melodie Reynolds-Diarra (Australia)

Elnaz Sheshgelani (Iran / Australia)


The event will take place in the Škrlovec Tower and will be live-streamed online here ( 

Tatjana Ažman, the president of the Slovenian Centre ITI and a member of the ITI Worldwide Executive Council, will moderate the discussion.

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Round table: Creators of Change: Women playwrights during COVID-19 epidemic